Sinclair ZX81 Computer Kits $499.00 each

zx81kit1These kits are real collectors items in like-new condition. (We had them warehoused in original cartons of 33 per carton.) Kits ship in their original box, shown here with its contents taken out, and includes the styrofoam shipping protection, ZX81 clamshell plastic case, membrane keyboard, PC Board, 1 bag ICs and IC sockets, and several other bags of components, and the 120VAC 60HZ in 9VDC 1AMP output power supply.

We know that most of our customers are buying these Sinclairs because they are collectables that remind them of their early days in computing. Most are not even building the kits. But for those ( we estimate about 20% ) who do build the kits, be rest assured that the kits come with clear assembly instructions and are easy for an experienced electronics hobbyist to build. All parts are high quality and the glass epoxy PC board has a clearly silk screened parts legend.

Books and Assembly Instructions: With every kit, we ship two books at no additional charge, the Basics of Timex Sinclair TS1500/1000 BASIC and The INS and OUTs of the Timex TS1000 & ZX8` as well as our-own kit assembly instruction manual, which is in our is opinion better than the original assembly instructions.

FREE Memotech 16K RAM Module. Memotech was a big player in Sinclair Computers and their products have become collectables too.  Each one of our kits ships with one of their 16K Memopak add-on RAM modules.

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